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Heiderich Screenshots ^_^

=3 My first post here.
I was taking screenshots for a certain someone but I've also wanted to share it with all you other fma movie/Heiderich fans too! <3
Anyways if you are to please CREDIT ME in some way if you ever download =) I took some time being picky which screens to save and take from the movie. Anyways hope you guys will like the screenshots ^_^
(And just know that they're focused on Al. H.)

Download Link: Download Here if you want them
To download
1. Simply click the link I've given you.
2. Then wait for the file information to come up
(File name, file size that kind of thing)
3. Click the link under File Name.
4. Wait for the ammount of seconds it tells you to wait.
5. And I hope that your download should start working ^_^

- with fma love Itsuka Y.
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